27 October 2014

My Halloweek

When it comes to holidays, I like to fully embrace the spirit of the season - and Halloween is no exception. Come Friday, you'll find me with a stack of horror movies, plenty of hideous looking orange and green snacks and my Halloween playlist.

I love an opportunity for fancy dress, which is almost certainly why I get so excited when 31 October rolls around (well, that and the sweets). So, in the lead up to Halloween, I'll be adding a new costume to this post every day. Keep your eyes peeled for updates! 

If you need costume inspiration but you're low on resources and feeling a bit lazy, you'll most definitely like these...

Monday in Wonderland

You can see the full outfit on my Instagram account. 

Confession: everything you see in this outfit is part of my everyday wardrobe. In fact, I basically wore this entire outfit to Fashion Week last February (see for yourself). Doesn't this Vintage Style Me dress make a pretty perfect Alice dress? Or a Dorothy in Oz dress, if you have a pair of sparkly red shoes lying around! The only thing I added was this lovely blonde wig, which I found for about a tenner in an online fancy dress shop. 

I think the scariest thing about this costume is seeing me as a blonde. It's not a look I'll be trying for real...

Cat Burglar Tuesday

D'ya get it? A cat burglar?

This is another costume that's really easy to craft from your everyday wardrobe. It's just the make-up that's teeny bit different. Speaking of which - black lipstick was harder than I thought to source! I eventually found some at the Miss Sporty counter in Boots (not somewhere I'd visited since the early 2000s). But at least it was only £2.59! I'll keep it in case I go through a latent Goth phase.

I'm a fan of any costume that involves a pun, but in case no one gets your unique and brilliant sense of humour, you could always say you're Cat Woman.

Well, I'm off to cause mayhem in my bedazzled cat mask, see you tomorrow!

Wednesday on Wednesday

If you thought I looked a bit scary in the blonde wig, you're in for a treat. Today's costume is Miss Wednesday Addams! She's certainly one of my favourite characters (and my, isn't she quotable), so I was looking forward to emulating that contemptuous stare. As you can see, it needs a lot of work.
But the costume itself is another incredibly easy one. I think most girls have a peter-pan collar lurking in their wardrobe somewhere, so if you fancy being Wednesday, dig it out, powder your face white, add some dark shadow around your eyes and plait your hair. That's it! I also used a kohl eyeliner to create her distinctive hairline, but unless you want to spend the rest of the evening scrubbing at your scalp with a make-up wipe, you may want to give that step a miss...

Throwback Thursday (yep, I went there)

Another confession: I still watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch (it really comes into its own once you reach adulthood). So, naturally, I couldn't resist dressing up as my favourite spell caster for Halloween! Especially not when I have the perfect Salem awaiting his blogging debut - thanks Pepper cat.

This is a pretty vague costume (especially when you look nothing like Melissa Joan Hart), so I'd recommend only pulling this one out of the cauldron if you're attending a 90's or throwback themed party. But you could sub the sparks and feline pal for a stake and go as Buffy, or add plenty of pink and morph into Barbie. I even toyed with the idea of adding fake blood, ghoulish make up and leather leggings and becoming Zombie Lindsay Lohan. Ah, this blonde wig can be anything!

Visit again tomorrow to find out what my final costume is!

Friday's Nightmare (before Christmas)

My final Halloweek update. I thought Friday deserved a more classic costume, so I picked Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas - a great film, although I'm never sure whether I should be watching it in October or December. Just to be on the safe side, I watch it all year round. 

My little sister actually helped me with this one - no special face paints here, just eyeliner, a blue eyeshadow palette and a big ole' powder brush. All of these looks are insanely easy to replicate, so if you've been caught off-guard with a last minute party invitation, you can definitely rustle up a costume in no time. 

I hope you've enjoyed my Halloweek series. I'll be business-as-usual this weekend, so no more black lipstick or blonde wigs for me! 

Which was your favourite costume? Let me know in the comments! x

25 October 2014

25 Facts About Me

Welcome to my very first post on Nikki's Notebook!

I ran a blog called She Wore Ribbon before deciding to give myself a fresh new start. If you like fashion, fun and felines, we'll get along just fine.

One of my aims for Nikki's Notebook is to write a little more personally - so expect a lot more lifestyle bits and pieces! And what better way to get the ball rolling than the '25 Random Facts About Me' tag?

Getting to know you

1.   I graduated with a Psychology degree in 2012 and realised I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. It was around this time I started fashion blogging and freelance  writing and suddenly everything just clicked.
2.   I have a black cat called Jude and he's seven months old. You'll see him and his siblings around the blog quite a lot!
3.   Since falling in love with Paris, I've been trying to teach myself to speak French via Duolingo. The app is great but my French is still awful. Je suis désolé, Paris.
4.   I have a full blown Netflix addiction. It started as the odd episode on my laptop, progressed to a staple for my commutes to work, and now I even watch it in the shower by propping my phone on a shelf. I hope there won't be a soggy iPhone in my future.
5.   I would really love to visit New York. After that, the next destinations on my hit list are Venice, L.A. and Rome.
6.   I don't drink alcohol - a night out for me is super cheap!
7.   I collect notebooks and always carry one on me - I'm obsessed with writing lists and doodling.

8.   Major life changes are occurring. I've just started a new job, which I'm loving. I'm also on the verge of starting driving lessons - eek, am I becoming a grown-up!?
9.   I'm a super fussy eater. But in the last year or two I've discovered the beauty of the sweet potato, strayed into Chinese cuisine and I now like butternut squash. But you still won't convince me to try mushrooms. Or sushi!
10.   I've lived by the sea for my entire life - I love being 15 minutes away from the beach and it's not something I'd be willing to give up in a hurry.
11.   I don't drink tea or coffee. If I'm heading to Starbucks, it'll always be a hot chocolate for me. With whipped cream and mini marshmallows,  please.
12.  I have a baby face and get mistaken for a college student a lot. Their reactions are usually priceless when I explain I've already left school - and University - and that I'm actually 23. #awkward
13.   I'm an awful worrier. There's always something I'm obsessing /panicking/cringing about.

14.   I go to Nandos at least once a month with my friend Becky and always order the same thing- it is incredibly tasty though! (Lemon and herb chicken burger, for anyone interested.)
15.   I'm always inspired by a character called Eloise. She's a wild child six year old who lives at the Plaza hotel. She's rawther a lot of fun, always speaks her mind and is never scared of anything.
16.   Another of my idols? Audrey Hepburn. She was beautiful, stylish and unabashedly feminine - but was also incredibly clever, a humanitarian and gave us brilliant quotes - like the one in my header!   
17.   I met Russell Brand this time last year. I panicked and asked him to sign my arm *facepalm*
18.   Every time The Parent Trap is shown on TV I can guarantee someone will message me on Facebook to tell me how much I look like 11 year old Lindsay Lohan. Lucky me!
19.   My favourite designers include Burberry, Jenny Packham and Orla Kiely. How much would I love to see one of their shows? A lot!  
20.   I'm currently harbouring a massive crush on Jake Gyllenhaal. Don't tell him though, I'm playing it cool.

21.   My favourite band is Arctic Monkeys and I finally saw them last year.  After years of dedicated fan girling, I had a bit of a swooning moment over Alex Turner. I'm only human.  
22.   Knitting seemed like a perfect hobby for a vintage loving cat lady such as myself, so I gave it a go. This was when I learnt that I hate anything fiddly and that knitting induces temper tantrums.  Ironically, I'm fine with cross-stitch.
23.   Chocolate is probably my favourite thing in the world. There's rarely a day where I don't eat it. Yes, I don't drink or smoke, but my sugar addiction is something of an issue...  
24.   Embarrassing moments are sort of my thing.  Saying the wrong thing, falling over and getting into increasingly ridiculous situations - them's my trademarks.
25.   I want to write a book. Other goals include: writing for a magazine, co-hosting a radio show, designing a fashion collection, becoming a columnist, penning a sit-com...  it's  a long list, but I believe in thinking big. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about me - I'd like to get to know you too. Leave a random fact about yourself in the comments! 
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