30 November 2014

The Last of the No Tights Club.


It's been a whole week! How have you been? For me, it's been a hectic week of interior change-ups, starting my Christmas shopping and perusing Pinterest for festive inspiration.

But today is being spent in my pyjamas (day pyjamas, I'm not an animal) with plenty of Netflix to catch up on and snacks to eat. As lazy days go, it's pretty spot on.

I've also been scrolling through old snaps and missing my trip to Paris  - it's definitely the most beautiful place I've ever visited! But I've resigned myself to donning navy stripes and a red lip in what I imagine to be a Parisian take on the casual weekend outfit. I feel like real Parisians would probably disagree...

Before the Arctic winds take over and I force myself into 400 denier tights and wooly jumpers, I thought I should take my last foray as a fervent member of the no-tights-club. I apologise for my legs though, there's no amount of light balance or filters that can disguise how luminously pale they are.

Fedora - New Look | Top - H&M | Coat - Primark | Scarf - Topshop | Skirt - Dorothy Perkins | Brogues - New Look (similar).

There's a whole host of Christmas stuff coming your way, keep your eyes peeled! Have a lovely weekend x

22 November 2014

Crazy combinations.

For me, fashion blogging is a brilliant excuse to dress up. I can push myself to wear the craziest combinations from my wardrobe, all in the name of fashion. And just sometimes, I find something a little out there, that actually, I really like. This is one of those times.

The kimono was a Primark bargain from late Summer; worn a few times with black jeans and promptly forgotten about by Autumn. But after reading (and writing) about the winter florals trend, I thought I'd try it myself - and I knew this kimono was the piece to try it with.

Clearly I hadn't quite let go of that Sixties festival vibe, as I grabbed an old floppy hat (Primark, £2)  and crossed my fingers that I'd look more like Marianne Faithfull than Marc Bolan (sorry Mum).

But hey, this pretty plain black dress needed a bit of jazzing up. And, of course, my lovely over the knee boots needed another outing.

Dress - Sheinside | Necklace - Sheinside | Kimono - Primark | Hat - Primark | Over the knee boots - Next

I'm sure you're all a little sick of this same backdrop (me too). I promise next week I'll bring you something a little more exciting.

19 November 2014

Ten reasons to feel excited about Winter.

If you've been mourning the departure of summer or whining about the chilly weather, this is the post for you.

1. Hot chocolate.
I'm not usually a hot drinks person, but the second winter hits, hot chocolate is the first thing on my mind. The best kind come with a small tower of whipped cream and handfuls of marshmallows. Is there a cosier image than snuggling up in a blanket and sipping a frothy hot chocolate? This leads me neatly onto my next point...

2. DVD and Netflix marathons
When it's all rainy and chilly outside, you're totally justified to sit in and watch movies - with no judgement whatsoever. Best of all? All the new seasons have started - so there's always something to catch up on. Movie nights are the new going out - grab a pizza and a couple of friends and you have the perfect evening.

3. The clothes
Layering, tartan, fluffy jumpers, faux fur and all things comfy! My favourite piece right now is the blanket-cape - all the comfort of a blanket in the convenience of a cape (well, they're more convenient and socially acceptable than blankets, at least). It will revolutionise chilly mornings, mark my words!

4. Slow cookers
If you haven't invested in a slow cooker, now is the time! Throw in some meat, stock and your favourite veggies in the morning, and by dinner time you have the most divine smelling house and a mouth watering meal ready to eat. Beef and sweet potato hot pots are where it's at, my friend. 

5. The possibility of snow
Obsessing over whether or not it might snow is a national hobby. Will it snow? When will it snow? Will we get a day off work or school? DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN!? It all seems so magical.

6. Baths!
For those of you who saw my TV debut (cringe), you'll know what a fan I am of the hot shower. But this Winter I'm craving a bath - a really good bath with bath bombs, candles and a good book to read.

7. Pyjamas
Say goodbye to your PJ shorts and welcome plaid, flannel and suit style pyjama sets! I've already done the Primark perusal and stocked up. Oh, and a quick shout out for fluffy socks - man's greatest invention.

8.  13.5 tog duvets
[Insert Rhod Gilbert tog rating rant here]. Wow, that sounded ridiculously middle class. Rewind. I'm definitely not a thread counting, Egyptian cotton buying sort of girl. I am just a girl who has to sleep with her duvet at chin level - even in the summer. Which results in a core body temperature of around 500 degrees Celsius. Winter is bloody wonderful because it's cold enough for my bizarre sleeping habits and I can even add fluffy blankets and hot water bottles (by which I mean the cats). Who doesn't love nestling into a thick fluffy duvet? The dream! If only we never had to get out, eh?

9. Rain
I may wax lyrical over Winter, but even I don't enjoy getting sodden on my walk home. However, rain on your window as you drift off to sleep or as you sit inside with your hot drink and Netflix marathon is one of the most therapeutic sounds in the world. And when the weather's crisp, it smells so good after it rains. 

10. Christmas
We've just had some pretty great events like Halloween and Bonfire Night, but there's more to come. Next there'll be Thanksgiving (if you're from Across the Pond or just super keen on turkey), and, best of all, the wonderful build-up to Christmas. There's so many things to look forward to - advent calendars, lame but amazing jumpers, Christmas shopping, parties, festive films, delicious roasts, stockings, presents... It's the most wonderful time of the yeeear! I'll stop now. Promise.

If you've been dreading Winter, I hope this has cheered you up. If you were already happy, send this to your grumpy mates. 

18 November 2014

Lazy Sunday

 Is there anything more delicious than a big cuddly jumper on a chilly day? It's certainly in my top ten favourite things about winter. This big ole Topshop number isn't exactly figure flattering, but who cares. It's so cosy! My only concessions to style were my trusty fedora and a very cheap necklace found on Sheinside.

My venture outside also gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my new over the knee boots. After a mammoth struggle to find over the knee boots that did indeed go over my knee, I found these in Next (unfortunately they appear to have sold out online). It's love. There's just one small small downside - there's very little grip on the soles, so I'll inevitably slip and land on my butt at some point. I will have to resist wearing these  when it gets icy...

Speaking of resisting things - I'm fighting with my current desire to pull on a Christmas jumper, make myself a Christmas playlist and curl up with a hot chocolate and a festive film. Not until December, right? So in the meantime, I've made do with a candy cane.

Sure, this might not be the most exciting outfit you'll ever see, but on a Sunday afternoon I think we all need a bit of oversized cuddliness in the clothes department. Have you bought anything cosy to wear yet? 

17 November 2014

Leave a little sparkle

This month I've been drawn to all things sparkly. Is it the festive feeling in the air? Am I regressing to 10 year old me? Was I bitten by a radioactive magpie and I've now become Sparkles Girl? Who knows. But whatever it is, it's certainly been reflected in my wardrobe recently.

And this weekend was no exception. I settled for a glittery twist on my standard weekend ensemble. A few sequins and a splash of glitter made my outfit feel so much more exciting! Simple things, eh? I picked up this sweatshirt in H&M last month (the combination of navy, French words and sequins was irresistible) and I've worn it so much! I never imagined I'd be donning my new glitter t-bars with an outfit as casual as this, but I think I just about get away with it. It makes a welcome change from chelsea boots anyhow.

I hope you had an equally sparkly weekend. What did you get up to? Stay tuned for my next #OOTD - it's suitably cosy for this chilly weather!

15 November 2014

Five winter trends to get excited about!

My love for fashion is pretty well documented, but I have a confession to make: I don't really like trend reports. They expect you to get excited about things that really aren't exciting. I mean, does anyone get worked up over the prospect of wearing head-to-toe grey, or sporting the 'normcore' trend - where the purpose is to look as normal as possible? Who's jumping out of bed in the morning thinking "today's a good day - I get to wear a plain shapeless dress and some trainers!"

Fashion is exciting - and it's a fantastic way to express creativity and personality. Encouraging people to follow trends - especially something as mundane as normcore - is basically the opposite of that, right? As a lot of these reports aren't doing it for me, I thought I'd share five Winter trends I actually find exciting - and I'd love it if you could share your favourite trends with me too! 

1. Blanket dressing

Whether you'll be donning a shawl, blanket, cape or poncho, you can cocoon yourself in something cosy this Autumn. I can't imagine a better way to fight the early morning blues this November than by draping yourself in a blanket. I've already invested in a red and blue plaid number and a slightly more sophisticated houndstooth wrap (both New Look) - they're the snuggliest way to keep warm on the walk to work!  Best of all, they go with everything: jazz up an otherwise boring pair of jeans and boots or copy Burberry's traveller chic by donning adding a chunky blanket over a glamorous dress.

2. The Sixties

Every time my favourite decade comes back into style, I give a little whoop of joy. Nothing makes me happier than the opportunity to emulate my favourite Sixties sirens - like Jane Birkin, Jean Shrimpton and Marianne Faithfull. Obviously you don't need to wait until something comes into fashion to wear it, but it certainly makes the pieces easier to source and buy! I'll be excitedly grabbing all the mini-skirts, houndstooth prints, swing coats, shift dresses, fuzzy pastel jumpers, over the knee socks and Chelsea boots I can find! 

3. Fuzzy, fluffy, furry

 We are no longer limited to shearling gillets and faux fur coats when we want to indulge in some fashion fluffiness. Everything goes this season when it comes to fuzzy, fluffy, furry dressing! A fluffy knit skirt and top combo? Sure.  A hooded furry coat with animal ears? Of course! I'm very much looking forward to snuggling up in my fluffy scarves, jumpers and jackets this season, and as the temperature drops I'm sure I'll feel they were an excellent investment. Doesn't picturing yourself in a giant furry jacket make the prospect of those chilly dark mornings more bearable? And my ultimate winter accessory? Fluffy. socks. 

4. Winter florals

We're well used to the pastel florals of spring and summer. Snore! But this season, winter blooms will be everywhere! I'm excited to see a bit of a change with the delicate floral patterns in dramatic, cold colour palettes. They ooze a delicate feminine sophistication with a definite vintage vibe. If I'm not dressed as a Tim Burton character by December, rocking some gothic garlands, I'll be very disappointed. 

5. Razzle dazzle

Embellishments, sequins, sparkle, glitter. This is my chance to unleash my inner magpie this season and add a bit of sparkle to my wardrobe! Getting excited about shiny things reminds me of how I'd get worked up over glitter jelly shoes and crop tops as a child in the early naughties. But you know what? I think a bit of sparkle is good for the soul!  Embellished tops, flapper style dress and glittery shoes will certainly be on my wish list. A glittery dress is definitely on the agenda for New Years Eve - all I need now is the glitzy party to attend!

Are there any other trends you're excited to wear? Which is your favourite? Comment below! 

10 November 2014

I solemnly swear I'm up to no good...

On Sunday we took a trip up to the Warner Brother Studios to catch a little magic at the Making of Harry Potter tour. The tickets were a birthday gift for my little sister, who's a total Harry Potter fan-girl - and it was the best gift we could possibly give her (with the exception of a life sized unicorn).

The first thing you notice as you pull up to the studios (named J and K, geddit?) is their incredible vastness. They stretch almost as far as the eye can see and each studio is crammed with sets, props and plenty of secrets. Which, of course, I won't divulge. 

We arrived a little early (which is most definitely advisable) and headed straight for the gift-shop, which was basically Flourish & Blotts, Honeydukes, Olivanders and Madam Malkin's all rolled into one. For those of you looking confused, it sells books, sweets, wands, clothes and much much more. I walked away with a chocolate frog and a sugar quill, Kate immediately purchased a wand and went back for sweets later on. Neither of us felt like parting with £69.95 for a knitted jumper.

Now equipped with plenty of sugar for the tour, we got in line. Being a Sunday, it wasn't too crowded and I don't think it took more than 15 minutes to get in. I think the start of the tour is best left as a surprise (no filming allowed, so watching my video won't spoil it) but I thought it was pretty amazing and I'm not even a huge HP fan!

You can stroll through studio's J and K at whatever pace you fancy to take in the thousands of things there are to see - whole sets, paper models, animatronic characters and hundreds of props - including endless antique-style paintings which lined Hogwart's corridors. Physically seeing the actual sets is amazing and it's pretty bizarre to think you're standing in the same place that the actors and crew called home for a decade. Plus, you get to learn the behind the scenes secrets from the most magical elements of the films - which I imagine makes them seem an extra bit wonderful when you rewatch them. 

If you're feeling a little thirsty you can grab yourself a Butterbeer in the outside section between the studios - a very sweet and frothy creation that proved a little more popular with the young than the older in our party. Still, it gives you a very attractive moustache and you can walk away with a pretty cool tankard. Who doesn't need a tankard?

But you don't need to listen to me talk about it - see it for yourself:


1 November 2014

Wishlist: November 2014

Did you have a good Halloween? I can't believe it's already November! 

To celebrate a brand new month, I thought I'd share a few of my current desires with you all (NB: this  post doesn't include Jake Gyllenhaal. It does include chocolate though, which is almost as good). 

Want to know where everything's from? It's on my Polyvore.

Prone to the odd splurge?

Is it just me, or is working out when to save and when to spend really difficult? As I've transitioned from part-time to full-time work in my post-University years, I've had to totally readjust my approach to finances.I'm not bad with money - although I might be a shopaholic, I don't have Becky Bloomwood's issues of angry bank managers or credit card bills to hide under my bed.  But I'll be the first to admit I'm no saver or a budget-setter either. And I'm prone to the odd splurge here and there...

But now that I have so many things I want, I have promised myself I will start saving. From new gadgets and more clothes (naturally) to a trip to New York and a somewhere lovely to live one day...

In the meantime, these wishlists can help me focus on what to buy when I can spend!

The Autumn clothes fund. 

As you can see, there's a rather extravagant item on my wishlist this month - an iPad! I've been very tempted to buy one for months and November might be the month I take the plunge. 

There's also my Autumn clothes fund. The snuggly grey Topshop jumper and over the knee suede boots by Next have both stolen my heart. I'd also love a leather jacket to don for the bizarre in-between weather we've been having (who else has been hating the 'coat or no coat?' dilemma every morning since September?).  

I've also been seduced by these ripped knee jeans- but instead of buying a new pair, I'm going to customise an old pair. I'll definitely be sharing the results over on Instagram! 

And whilst the evenings get darker and chillier, I'll be snuggling in my duvet with multiple mugs of hot chocolate and Richard Ayoade's new book! Perfection. 
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