29 May 2016

I like big hats and I cannot lie

You know it's summer when you're wearing a floppy hat and platform sandals. Well, summer or 1973.

Hello, summer

It's official. I've ditched the jacket and the tights (sorry about the blindingly white pins, everyone), nabbed the lunchtime ice cream, and cartwheeled along the grass. It's summertime! 

As summer dresses go, I'm a big fan of this daisy dress - a sale purchase from Sugarhill Boutique a couple of weeks back. I added a big ole floppy hat, retro sunnies and my new pair of platform wedges and I was ready to absorb the sunlight. 

I didn't think I'd particularly take to the 70s trend, as it contains far too much brown and corduroy for my liking. But this? This I'm okay with. 

I spent the afternoon dancing in my oversized accessories to the new The Last Shadow Puppets album. Have you heard it? The stylish tracks give off a powerfully hazy vibe - they're part Scott Walker, part David Bowie, with just a hint of The Beatles. Perfect for my Seventies Summer.  

What I wore

Dress - Sugarhill Boutique (sold out, similar-ish here) | Sandals - M&S | Hat - New Look

Peace out, I have ice-cream to eat. I'll be back very soon to talk about turning 25 this week - eek!

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