7 February 2017

Winter walks

The beach is my favourite place to be. 

Sun, sand, sea. 

What more do you need?

Here's a little secret, though. 

My favourite time to watch the waves and saunter across sand isn't during the summer. 

Give me a chilly winter's afternoon, with a golden sunset and an ice-blue sea. Or a springtime evening with a pink candy-floss sky.

During the winter, it's empty and secluded. 

No tourists. No litter. No noise.

Just tranquility and peace. 

That, to me, is perfection.


4 February 2017

A capsule summer wardrobe for men

Here's something that might surprise you about my blog: 10-15% of the readers are men.

I know! Crazy, right? I wasn't too shocked to see that guys read my posts about things like travelling or Tinder, but they're also there for the posts about fashion, baking and beauty. To all the men who have read my posts, dropped me a message to say they like my blog, or complimented the writing or photography on here: thank you! This post is for you.

And it's actually inspired by a nice lad named Ben (hi, Ben!) who emailed to ask if I could create a capsule summer wardrobe for men. He's planning a trip to Mexico and needed some help with the packing sitch (don't we all?).

I've thrown together a few items that most gents'll have in their wardrobes already: three T-shirts, two shorts, two trousers, a few shirts and a jumper. I've also added three pairs of shoes and some shades.

It's not a lot of stuff (great for light packers) but the combinations are pretty much endless. Here are twenty different outfits you can make:

The outfits

There are far more than twenty outfit combinations you can make, but I thought I'd leave it here. It just goes to show, you don't need a lot of clothes in your wardrobe to look good. 

Oh, and ladies? Still here? I've got a work capsule wardrobe and a summer capsule wardrobe for you to browse, if you're interested in simplifying your own wardrobe. 

That's all from me. Enjoy your holiday, Ben!
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