Rainy day

This weekend, my friend Queenie came to Bournemouth for a day of eating, beaching and shopping. In our minds, it’d be a photogenic blogging day. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas and decided to rain. A lot! It was also freezing and insanely windy – not quite what we’d imagined.

Luckily, post-Cosy Club brunch and high street splurge, the rain eased off and we ambled to the beach for sunset. There was just enough light to get some photographs!

We have no shame.

What I wore:

Coat and dress – Primark | Shirt – Uniqlo | Beret – Accessorize | Bag – Cambridge Satchel Co. | Boots – Office | Scarf – Miss Selfridge

Quick note: I love my Cambridge Satchel Co. bag! I’ve been using it every day for a few months now and it’s as handy as it is stylish. Not many normal-sized bags can comfortably carry my big DSLR camera (along with my purse, keys etc), but the traveller bag does it perfectly. I’ve had loads of compliments on the design, which is based on those vintage camera bags – so it’s pretty fitting and always makes me feel like I’m about to go on an adventure!

Once the sun well and truly disappeared, we headed back into Bournemouth for dinner. If you’re curious, we went to Ask Italian to share cheese fondue, followed by seafood pasta (Queenie) and cannelloni (me). It was such a fun day, and I managed to rack up an impressive 16,000 steps. Today, my feet hurt from the walking and my cheeks still kinda ache from all the laughing!

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