What I’m loving: May 2018

Hello friends,

I’m back for another round!

So, what’s new? Well, my thoughts for the week can basically be summed up with this tweet:

It was a stressful time for me.

What I’ve been listening to:

  • Dolly Alderton’s Love Stories podcast. Author Dolly Alderton chats to guests about their defining relationships: heartbreak, passion, and everlasting love. Earlier this month, I listened to her interview with the epic Emma Freud. As her partner is Richard Curtis, she has plenty of brilliant stories to share.
  • Paris Summer by The Last Shadow Puppets (feat Alison Mosshart). I’ve loved this (cover) song for years, but I recently rediscovered it after creating a little Paris-themed playlist to get excited for my upcoming trip! Alison Mosshart is such a babe, too.
  • Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino. I don’t even remember the first half of the week, all my Spotify cares about is the new Arctic Monkeys album that dropped on Friday (but arrived on my doorstep on Thursday, yay for pre-orders!). Search ‘Arctic Monkeys’ on Twitter and you’ll see it’s a divisive album. I must admit, I didn’t love it immediately. But then again, it’s fairly rare for me to fall in love with music on a first listen. Thankfully TBH+C has grown on me. I’d even go so far as to say I’m a bit obsessed with Four Out Of Five (and The Ultracheese). I’ve had the opening refrain stuck in my head all weekend.

  • Oh, oh, and of course the other thing I’ve had on repeat is Childish Gambino’s This Is America. That video? I suspect kids’ll be studying it in Media Studies in a couple of years. There’s nothing I can say here that hasn’t already been dissected on Twitter, so I’ll simmer down. By the way, who else is super excited to hear CG as Simba in the Lion King? Bring on 2019.

What I’ve been watching:

I’ve been on a Brooklyn Nine-Nine binge recently, so I’m sure you’ll all understand how devastated I was to learn it was being cancelled. Until yesterday, when I heard the beautiful news it had been picked up by NBC. THANK YOU, NBC. I LOVE YOU.

I wish I could bingewatch Riverdale too instead of having to wait a week (or several weeks, ugh) between episodes. My nerves can’t cope, last Thursday I actually shouted at the TV during the cliffhanger ending.

I’m fully aware Riverdale is kind of trashy/terrible. On the surface, it’s like a dark, sexy, cringy version of Scooby Doo. But I get so suckered in. I need to know who the Black Hood murderer is. I must find out what happens to the characters. I’m totally emotionally invested now. Besides, I’ve never watched an episode of Love Island, so I’m allowed this as my trashy TV quota, right?

This Thursday is the finale, so I’m preparing to be on the edge of my seat – especially if anything has happened to my favourite guy, Jughead Jones.

What I’ve been cooking:

I live with my younger sister and we decided to make a big ole effort with our cooking last week. Our favourite dishes? The chicken and chorizo jambalaya, the honey and mustard chicken dish, and our antipasti banquet (see below)

They’ve left me feeing really inspired to keep trying out new dishes and expand my cooking repertoire. Do you have any suggestions on what to try next? They’d be greatly appreciated!

Worth a quick read:

  • Have you followed Jameela Jamil’s I Weigh account yet? It encourages woman to see themselves as their achievements in life: their friendships and families, their scholastic successes or career highlights, the battles they’ve fought and the scars they’ve accepted. Not their weight or body size. The Financial Times did a lovely piece on Jameela and I Weigh. Take a look.
  • Did you guys watch Queer Eye? Its like chicken soup for the soul! My heart was warmed by the news that Tom and Abby are now remarried! His episode was my favourite of all the Queer Eye makeovers. Celebratory redneck margaritas for everyone!
  • Poppy Jamie has created a new app called Happy Not Perfect, to show technology can be used to improve our mental health and wellbeing. Sign. Me. Up. (I’ve pre-ordered it).
  • The news that the Marvel universe is becoming more diverse with Ms Marvel, a Pakistani-American teenage girl, is rather a cheery beacon in a world that increasingly makes me want to face plant my own desk.

And check this out:

  • It was #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, and I was touched and empowered by how many people shared their stories. So, so many of us have mental health issues and I think that being honest and talking about our struggles will make a big difference. Let’s normalise the conversation.
  • The Happy Not Perfect app, made by Poppy Jamie. Apparently, long-term, it’ll help hack your brain to combat stress and anxiety. I’ve also heard it described as ‘mindfulness for millennials’. I’ve been using it for a few days (it only just launched) and I do like it. Especially the bits where you get to write down what’s bothering you and digitally burn it.
My local stretch of sand. Perfect for walking barefoot and relaxing. 

What I’m grateful for:

  • Living by the beach, so I can go for sunset strolls with my best friend.
  • Discovering bullet journalling, because it chills me right out, is a great creative outlet, and helps me organise my life.
  • Sunny weekends, so I can read my book in the garden and relax (yep, I’m 80 years old).
My half-finished weekly layout. I’ll add my to-do list, fun events and keep track of what I’m eating (don’t worry, it’s not a diet – I’m just trying to eat healthier and get my 5-a-day in!)

Any other business?

I did something a little scary yesterday. I filmed, edited and uploaded a beauty tutorial. I know, I know. It’s my everyday make-up look, using all cruelty-free brands (because animal testing sucks). If you’d like to have a nosy at the products, see how I do my make-up, or giggle at all the minor mishaps I have, take a look:

That’s all for this month! I’ll be back soon!

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