Leave a little sparkle

This month I’ve been drawn to all things sparkly. Is it the festive feeling in the air? Am I regressing to 10 year old me? Was I bitten by a radioactive magpie and I’ve now become Sparkles Girl? Who knows. But whatever it is, it’s certainly been reflected in my wardrobe recently.

And this weekend was no exception. I settled for a glittery twist on my standard weekend ensemble. A few sequins and a splash of glitter made my outfit feel so much more exciting! Simple things, eh? I picked up this sweatshirt in H&M last month (the combination of navy, French words and sequins was irresistible) and I’ve worn it so much! I never imagined I’d be donning my new glitter t-bars with an outfit as casual as this, but I think I just about get away with it. It makes a welcome change from chelsea boots anyhow.

I hope you had an equally sparkly weekend. What did you get up to? Stay tuned for my next #OOTD – it’s suitably cosy for this chilly weather!

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