Creepy doll make-up tutorial

Happy Halloween!

How are you celebrating tonight? Will it be a costume party? A night-in with popcorn, a carved pumpkin and your favourite scary movie? Or will you be hiding in bed until it’s all over? 
I’ve been listening to my Halloween playlist on repeat this week, so it’s fair to say I’m in the spooky spirit. Something ghoulish simply had to go on the blog. 
So, after last year’s costume extravaganza, I thought I’d focus on a make-up tutorial. And, as luck would have it, my little sister has started to get into special effects make-up. In fact, she’s just started her own YouTube channel, The Purple Orange Project, as a hub for all things creative. Her first video is a Halloween make-up tutorial –  you can watch her create a rather gruesome stitches effect on her wrist.

I thought it was really cool. So I asked her to create something similar, but on my face.

I think our special effects session would have made a hilarious video – but we were feeling pretty tired this evening and editing a few photos seemed a lot less effort than editing a video! Maybe next time, eh?
Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin.

Step one: Wax

Kate’s using Snazaroo wax, which she informs me is incredibly cheap to buy from Amazon. It’s also surprisingly simple to use!
Just take a small amount, roll it around in your hand until it’s warm and pliable and then mould it into a sausage shape. Kate then stuck it to my face and smoothed down the sides until I had a waxy line on each cheek.  She then grabbed my foundation and added a layer to each cheek, to blend the wax in with the rest of my face. 
Then all you need is a pointy implement to create a line down the middle of your face wax (see picture). Kate used a tiny whisk. I don’t know where she gets these things from. 
Paint inside the dent you’ve just created with a dark face paint (we used black). It doesn’t have to be particularly neat. 

Step two: Staples

I think the technical term here is: ‘pull the ends off a few staples and bang what’s left on your face’. Then paint a small black dot at the top and bottom of each staple stitch to make them look like they’ve gone through the skin (ew). 

Step three: Crazy face

Now you’re free to play with the rest of the make-up. We went for a classically creepy dark eyes and lips.
Before you jump in with the black eyeshadow, decide whether you’re going to be a sweet stitched creation, like Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, or a creepy, dark doll. I looked kind of sweet until the black eye make-up came out. Then I definitely joined the dark side.

And once you’re happy with your make-up, you’re done! This look is incredibly quick – but looks hella creepy! Side note: the wax comes off really easily – you can literally wipe it away with tissues! Great news, because there’s nothing worse than lingering Halloween make-up. 

Wow, I even scared myself a little there. I think it was mostly from editing the close-up shots of my face.
Have a fantastic Halloween – let me know what you’ve got planned in the comments! If you attempt a creepy doll look tonight, let us know on Twitter! @nikki_mcmullen and @officialtpop xx

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  1. November 2, 2015 / 1:44 pm

    WOW! Your sister is so talented, this looks absolutely amazing and terrifying at the same time (which was the goal right?! Hehe) I really want to check out her channel now, fantastic post dear! xxxxx

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