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It’s time for a review! Here’s my recent purchases from Olivia Burton and Merci Majolie:

Merci Majolie

 A few weeks ago, I was passing time by aimlessly perusing Pinterest. Among the outfits, cityscapes, interiors and recipes, I saw these pretty, dainty rose gold bracelets. 
I’d been tempted to try wearing rose gold (I’m usually a silver kind of girl), so I pinned them and made a mental note to find something similar. 
But days went by and I couldn’t find anything quite as nice. I decided to try and hunt down the bracelets from my Pinterest picture. They were a brand I’d never heard of called Merci Majolie
I typed their URL into my browser, bracing myself for stomach-churning price tags (the general rule is: I like what I can’t afford). Cue a huge sigh of relief when I spotted everything on their website was under €15! And I found the bracelet from  Pinterest – a couple more goodies accidentally fell into my basket too. Luckily, they didn’t take long to arrive…

Why I love it:

The packaging

I hope this doesn’t make me sound vapid, but attractive packaging instantly warms me to a product. High-quality boxes with a clean embossed design? Check. Cute, stuffed shapes that serve no discernible purpose, but look adorable and make for a great Instagram flat-lay? Check. Illustrated thank-you card? Mais oui, et check’!

The bracelets even came with a drawstring bag. Perhaps it’s just another way for Merci Majolie to push their branding – but for me, it’s fantastically practical. If you travel, little bags like these are perfect for storing your jewellery. Wave goodbye to losing rings and bracelets in your suitcase!

The personal touch

How often do you get a handwritten note personally thanking you for your order? Basically never, right? It’s a small gesture, but reading it made me smile – and was great French practice!

The product (duh)

With every bargain piece of jewellery, there’s an element of apprehension. Will it turn green? Will I turn green? Will it fall apart?

Well, I’ve been wearing my bracelets non-stop for a few weeks now, and I can confirm both the bracelets and I are in good condition. The chains could be slightly sturdier, but as long as you’re not rough with them, they’ll be okay. If you’re a bit of a clumsy oaf (me too), I’d recommend the bangle-style.

Bottom line: Will I be buying more pretty pieces? That is a definite OUI!

Olivia Burton

I’ve had my beady little eye on an Olivia Burton watch for years.

Delicate, feminine, timeless.

Slightly expensive. Not bank-breaking, but not something you can purchase on a whim unless you’re loaded. Here’s the thing: I am a whim-buyer. Until it’s going to cost me more than £50, then I become a terrible over-thinker.

That’s why it’s taken me so long to get one of these watches – I can never decide which one to buy.

‘Better get something that goes with everything. Would that be grey? Tan? Black? White? Nah, I’ll get the white one too dirty. Now, do I want a rose gold or a silver face..?’

Having plenty of choice is brilliant until you feel incredibly indecisive. This is why I’m on my fourth year of agonising over a Cambridge Satchel Co. bag.

But as you can see, I did finally make a decision! The rose gold goodies from Merci Majolie convinced me to go for rose gold, and a recent shopping trip made up my mind that I bloody love lilac-grey.

Why I love it:

The quality

Soft, supple leather, rose gold plating that’s unfailingly shiny. It looks good, it feels comfortable and I know it’ll last me a long time. Now I know why mums always tell you to invest in good quality items instead of splashing your cash on cheap high street pieces.

The versatility

I opted for the lilac-grey, rose gold design – and it goes with everything! Whether I’m wearing something slouchy, something edgy, something girly, it still looks good. I’m only a couple of weeks in, but I feel like this is a timeless piece I’ll enjoy wearing for years. Lucky it’s good quality, huh?

The piece

It ticks! I find it oddly reassuring to hear the ticking before I go to sleep, when it’s quiet in the office, or when I’m sitting on the bus. And wearing a watch, which I haven’t done since Year Seven, is quite awesome – I feel more grown up, and I can look at my wrist pointedly when people are faffing around.

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