Nine reasons to love a black cat

Did you know it’s National Black Cat Day today?

This is Jude, he’s my cat.

Two and a half years ago, I came home from a night out and found him – just born – on my living room carpet. It’s a long, strange story, but we’ve been inseparable ever since.

So we’re celebrating #BlackCatDay on my blog, because it’s a brilliant cause that’s close to our hearts.

Cats Protection recently released some stats that showed black cats make up nearly half the number that come into care and take longer to find a home than any other colour of cat. There are thousands of poor, unloved black cats, just because of the colour of their fur. Why? No-one’s quite sure. There’s the old superstition that black cats are unlucky. And some people think black cats just aren’t as attractive.

Well, me and Jude are going to change that.

Nine reasons why I love my black cat

1. He’s beautiful

I know everyone thinks their cat is the most handsome feline in town, but seriously – look at him. That sassy face, those huge amber eyes, his soft fur, the outrageous mane. He’s bloody gorgeous!

I once read that people think black cats are less photogenic than their colourful counterparts. They’re quite clearly wrong.

2. He allows me to channel my inner Parisian

And, given my love of the City of Light, that’s very considerate of him. You can’t walk around the cobbled streets of Paris without encountering some sort of Le Chat Noir paraphernalia. It receives nearly as much prominence as the Eiffel Tower! I don’t know how the black cat became a Parisian symbol, but it does confirm how very chic they are, right?

3. Black goes with everything, darling

Accessories complete the outfit. And as much as I’d love a Mulberry Bayswater on my arm, I’d choose Jude any day.

This is how most of my evenings go:

I leave work, jump on the bus, and get off at my stop. There, waiting for me, is a black cat. He runs towards me – realises it makes him look too keen – and slows to a medium-paced trot. We walk the rest of the way home together. Who else dreamed of an animal sidekick as a kid? Admittedly, we attract a few funny looks, but I’m sure they think we’re adorable.

4. He’s really good at helping me wrap presents

Think Santa’s elves, but hairier and cuter.

P.S. I’d like to formally apologise to all my friends who will receive cat hair with their Christmas presents this year.

5. He makes a brilliant hot water bottle

I love autumn and winter, because Jude and Maggie want to hang out indoors more. So when bedtime rolls around, I have two furry friends to keep me warm!

So, to recap: black cats are beautiful, helpful, and save on heating bills…

6. He makes me laugh

‘Jude, do something hilarious with the wrapping!’

He has an excellent sense of humour.

7. He doesn’t shed on my black clothes

And let’s face it, unless you’re an extra on TOWIE, you’re far more likely to be wearing a black ensemble than white.

8. He literally takes a good selfie

There’s a reason I call him Katdashian. He’s also thinking about releasing a book of selfies next year.

9. He was a beautiful kitten

Tell me that didn’t melt your heart.

That’s all from Jude and I today. But if you want to help out gorgeous black cats like him, take a look at the Cats Protection‘s black cat page. And while you’re there, have a peek at their Tinder-themed campaign video!

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