Review: Clinique X Crayola

Drawing and colouring were my favourite activities as a child. But as I got older, I found myself swapping the crayons for lipsticks and the felt-tip pins for eyeliner. Now it’s time for my two favourite hobbies to meet. 

When I spotted this Clinique / Crayola collaboration, I hit purchase faster than you can say: ‘shopping addiction!’. There were a few reasons why:
  1. The colour selection was ace – that’s not just a rarity in beauty sets, it’s basically an impossibility.
  2. Chubby sticks are buttery, smooth and moisturising, exactly what I need to combat chapped lips during these chilly winter months. 
  3. The possibilities on Instagram. You gotta think about these things when you’re a blogger, you know? 

First thoughts

The packaging was great – a little reminiscent of my childhood colouring pencil packs, but far less flimsy! The lid is magnetic to avoid the hideous lipstick-spill situation, and the inside was labelled to keep your lip balms in order (if only my colouring pencils had been that well looked after). 

I swatched the colours on my arm for Twitter and started to get very excited to see what they looked like on!

The colours

There’s a couple of bold colours in the mix (both of which I love) but this set is mostly easy-to-wear, subtle colours in various hues of pink, coral and mauve. If you’re a bit worried about bright shades but want to mix up your lip colours, this is your dream set. 
I was wary of two colours at first: Mango Tango and Fuzzy Wuzzy. I’m very comfortable with red, pink and even purpley-plum, but brown and orange? Nope. Once I tried them, I saw that neither are hugely pigmented and, actually, they look pretty good! 
Here’s all eight colours:

Brick Red

 Wild Strawberry

Mango Tango



Pink Sherbet

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Red Violet

Individually, these chubby sticks aren’t cheap. But if you buy this pack of 8, they work out at £4-something each – perfectly reasonable. I love that I’ve got every conceivable colour, something for every mood, and every style. 
Which colour is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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