Memory lane

Today I took a trip down memory lane.

I live right by a huge heathland and, growing up, I spent much of my time there: playing hide-and-seek, walking across the dusty hills and riding my bike down a terrifyingly steep, bumpy, tree root-ridden trail.

Yet, despite the ridiculously close proximity, it’s not somewhere I’ve been in years. So, after a spot of spring cleaning this afternoon (when did I become old?), I decided to take a stroll around my old stomping ground. It’s not the prettiest backdrop, but it’s home.

As I walked around, I started to remember the adventures I’d had. That’s where I watched the solar eclipse. That’s where I used to walk with my friend. That’s where I played with my dog. It was pretty amazing to get a quick glimpse into my own childhood and relive a few treasured moments.

It was also pretty weird: the once towering heathland suddenly seemed much smaller than it used to. And I wasn’t playing games or skipping or running, I was walking like a boring old adult, pfft. I did stop to play with the dandelions though – some things don’t change.

What brings back your childhood memories? Drop me a message in the comments and let me know! x


Thanks for the photos Kate McMullen!

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