I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my blog’s shifted away from style and fashion recently. I love writing lifestyle pieces – whether that’s talking about online dating or my travels – but I do sort of miss sharing my outfits with you too. 
Thing is, I’d started feeling self-conscious that I don’t measure up to the ‘proper’ fashion bloggers out there. They’re beautiful, they know how to pose so they don’t look awkward or lumpy, they’re always wearing gorgeous outfits and they always seem to have a photographer boyfriend on hand to get those delightful shots we drool over on Instagram. I think I’d been plagued by a bout of self-doubt without even realising it. 
But that’s not good – and it’s going to change. Recently someone said to me: ‘I always love your clothes!’ and, honestly, it made my week. I realised that fashion isn’t something I’m quite willing to give up yet. I’m going to work on blogging it, in my own way. I’ll never be a Carrie or a Liv, but maybe being a Nikki is good enough?

So, today I walked outside in my favourite midi-skirt and asked my sister to take some photos with me. My outfit wasn’t carefully selected, my hair was unstyled and I wasn’t even wearing shoes. But I did it!

I edited these shots in black and white – partly as an homage to old 1950s photographs of Hollywood icons I’ve been pouring over recently, and partly as a confidence boost. 
But don’t worry – think of this as a brief stint in Kansas – I’ll be back to magical Oz technicolour in no time.

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