Back to basics

Hello lovely people,

I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday.

Since my last style post, there’s been a slight change to my appearance: I have a fringe again, and much shorter locks! That meant saying goodbye to my blonde hair and welcoming a much darker vibe (which apparently is what I really look like). It’s weird that a haircut can make you look like you’ve dyed your hair, huh? People noticed that before they noticed the fringe.

It felt like going back to my roots (no pun intended), because through my teens/early twenties I nearly always had a 60s/Alexa Chung-inspired fringe and shoulder length hair combo. And now I’m going a bit ‘old-school Nikki’ with my wardrobe too – living in navy, black, white and burgundy (can’t beat a classic and they go best with the whole pale skin, dark hair thing).

Shop the look

My skirt is super old – I even wore it in a Feb 2015 blog post – but this £8 Boohoo number is very similar. If you’re on the hunt for black boots that go with everything, I couldn’t recommend these ASOS boots (link above) enough – I accidentally walked 7km in them last weekend and my feet remained unblistered!

What’s next?

Today was spent recovering from yesterday’s massage which has left me super achy (I know, first world problems). But when I wasn’t complaining, I was playing in the snow (blog post coming soon) and taking a DNA test (there will be a video with results in roughly 4-6 weeks)! I’m trying to be more committed to my little corner of the internet – thanks for sticking with me!

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