Weekly round-up #3

Hello guys,

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend !

I did something a little scary yesterday. I filmed, edited and uploaded a beauty tutorial. I know, I know. It’s my everyday make-up look, using all cruelty-free brands (because animal testing sucks). If you’d like to have a nosy at the products, see how I do my make-up, or giggle at all the minor mishaps I have, take a look:

Back to the weekly round-up:


  • Dolly Alderton’s Love Stories podcast. Author Dolly Alderton chats to guests about their defining relationships: heartbreak, passion, and everlasting love. Earlier this week, I listened to her interview with the epic Emma Freud. As her partner is Richard Curtis, she has plenty of brilliant stories to share.
  • Paris Summer by The Last Shadow Puppets (feat Alison Mosshart). I’ve loved this (cover) song for years, but I recently rediscovered it after creating a little Paris-themed playlist to get excited for my upcoming trip! Alison Mosshart is such a babe, too.


  • It was #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, and I was touched and empowered by how many people shared their stories. So, so many of us have mental health issues and I think that being honest and talking about our struggles will make a big difference. Let’s normalise the conversation.
  • The Happy Not Perfect app, made by Poppy Jamie. Apparently, long-term, it’ll help hack your brain to combat stress and anxiety. I’ve also heard it described as ‘mindfulness for millennials’. I’ve been using it for a few days (it only just launched) and I do like it. Especially the bits where you get to write down what’s bothering you and digitally burn it.
My local stretch of sand. Perfect for walking barefoot and relaxing. 


  • Living by the beach, so I can go for sunset strolls with my best friend.
  • Discovering bullet journalling, because it chills me right out, is a great creative outlet, and helps me organise my life.
  • Sunny weekends, so I can read my book in the garden and relax (yep, I’m 80 years old).
My half-finished weekly layout. I’ll add my to-do list, fun events and keep track of what I’m eating (don’t worry, it’s not a diet – I’m just trying to eat healthier and get my 5-a-day in!)
Next weekend will be busy, between prepping for Paris and hanging out with Queenie. But I hope I’ll get to post! See you soon xxx

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